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Young Actors’ Theatre is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion in all aspects of our organization. We believe that people of all races, ethnicities, religions, LGBTQIA+, Gender non-conforming artists, and the differently abled, shall be allowed to follow their dreams so that they can find their voice.  We believe that students shall be respected in all aspects of the theatrical process, and that students shall have the freedom to express themselves.   Young Actors’ Theatres’ students, staff, and volunteers are all expected to maintain our basic core principles, yet still follow their DREAM:

Core Principles:

M-making a difference

 We have produced musicals all over San Diego County including Sherwood Auditorium in La Jolla, Lyceum Theatre, Kroc Theatre and Cuyamaca Theater at Cuyamaca College.  In 2008, we acquired our own theater and since have been able to produce the majority of our productions there. With support from our community, patrons and donors, our company has grown tremendously, allowing us to provide life-changing theater experiences for hundreds of youth and students ages 6 - 26.

In addition to musicals, we offer singing classes, acting classes and dance classes, private singing, acting and dance lessons, along with various interactive theatre camps throughout the school year. All at very affordable rates.


Young Actors' Theatre teaches students about creative group dynamics and help each individual child grow and play at their own pace. Outgoing children find a place to strut their stuff. Shy children find a comfortable, nurturing place to build their confidence and self-esteem! Young Actors’ Theatre offers more than just training for theatre, we offer a theatre experience that lasts a lifetime!

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